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More Joint endurance and less chronic pain.

  • Stronger Joints

  • More endurance

  • Less Chronic Pain

Also know as Reconstructive therapy, addresses the true underlying cause of joints and ligament pain by helping to strengthen the tendons and ligaments and stabilise the joints, thus relieving the pain.

What is Prolotherapy?

Non-surgical reconstructive therapy  (referred to by some health professionals as prolotherapy, sclerotherapy, or proliferative therapy) is the introduction of an irritant solution by means of injection into weakened areas of the musculoskeletal system. The irritant brings about the proliferation of tissue, aiming to make the involved areas permanently stronger. The tissue proliferation, as previously emphasized, provides the main side effect of reconstructive therapy - more joint endurance and less chronic pain.

The injected solution mostly goes into the damaged ligaments, tendons, and surrounding joint capsules.  Often torn or stretched ligaments and tendons do not heal on their own because tendons and ligaments do not enjoy the influx of good blood supply present in the other areas. A controlled biochemical reaction is created by the doctor who administers the injection. It occurs within or around your joint. By introduction of the irritant via reconstructive therapy, a slight inflammation is built up. This signals the body to increase the blood supply to the injected area. The result is that fibroblasts (healing cells) travel to this irritated spot and lay down repair tissue within and around it.

By employing prolotherapy, eventually - usually sooner rather than later - chronic joint pain goes away - and might even stay away permanently. The benefits from this procedure should start almost immediately when the injections are given by a well trained practitioner. As the patient, your response to this inflammatory reaction can be increased joint, ligament, and tendon stability, greater strength, and more endurance.​​

Prolotherapy at the East Clinic

At the East Clinic we are pioneers in providing Prolotherapy to our patients in Ireland, we have years of experience and hundreds of results. You can call to book a consultation with us to find out if you are eligible for this treatment.


Get in touch with us via email or telephone, also you can fill out our registration form on our contact page


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